Philistines And Other Battles

Dear Friends, Have you ever prayed for something, only to see the deadline for your prayer request come and go with no reply? I have. Actually, it feels like I’ve been doing that a lot lately - which is why I was encouraged when my Bible reading this morning took me to 1 Samuel 13. If you’re not familiar with that part of the Bible, it tells the story of King Saul facing an overwhelming battle against the Philistines - who were the sworn enemies of the Israelites. Saul’s army was outnumbered, and outarmed, and so he sent word for the prophet Samuel to come and make the offerings necessary to secure the Lord’s victory in battle. But Samuel took his time getting there. The Bible doesn't t

All Around Us

Dear Friends, Last week I led a group of folks from our church on a week-long missions trip to Piers Negras, Mexico. It was a great time of serving God, and of seeing how He's at work in another part of the world. As is our tradition on mission trips, we started each day with a short devotional, and then ended each day with a debrief. And each day, my favorite debrief question was, "How did you see God at work today?" It was always encouraging to hear how people had seen God at work in both the small and big details of the day. But I think even more encouraging was the reminder that God is always at work around us - even when we're not paying attention. Jesus makes this clear in John 5:


Dear Friends, Life is hard. This is a truth I was reminded of this morning after visiting with one of the folks from the neighborhood where our church is. This young woman has gone through a series of very difficult loses and challenges lately, and so she came to the church early this morning to have me pray with her. I have to admit that I left our time together heavy-hearted because of all that I had heard. And that wasn't a good thing because today is an unusually full day of ministry - and so I knew I was going to need more joy to keep me going. So on the way back to my office, I asked God to give me the encouragement I needed to continue serving Him. Almost immediately He reminded me

When We're Gone

Dear Friends, My mom passed away on July 13, 1998, after a battle with cancer. Every year since, my dad, my two brothers and I have gathered together on the anniversary of her death at the cemetery where she’s buried in Philadelphia. It's a wonderful time of remembering this woman who meant so much to each of us. We make a day of it, taking lawn chairs and setting ourselves up in a half circle around her headstone. I’m sure it’s a strange sight to the other folks coming to the cemetery, but we don’t mind at all as we spend the day telling our favorite stories from when we were growing up. We jokingly argue over the details, each of us trying to make sure we come out as the one who was mo

Air Force One

Dear Friends, This morning on the drive to work I made the mistake of turning on news radio. My hope had been to hear the local traffic and weather reports, but instead there was a story about a police officer shooting a man in Minnesota. That was followed by a story about several men shooting several police officers in Dallas. And then there was a story about a couple in Connecticut being asked to leave a restaurant because they were wearing t-shirts supporting a certain presidential candidate, and the restaurant owner said they weren’t welcome because of their political beliefs. By the time the third story had finished, I had to turn the radio off. My stomach was upset, and I was feeli

Avoiding Disappointment

Dear Friends, What do you trust in the most? It’s a question I’ve been wrestling with in my own life, as the summer has been busy with things that have been out of my control. The result is that I’ve had to move through each day with a higher level of trust than I normally do - and that’s challenged me to consider where I have been putting my trust. The reality of life is that everyone trusts in something. Some of us trust in our jobs, others in our education and training, others in our bank accounts. There are folks who trust in their relationships, or their families - and some who simply trust in their own abilities and talents. Whatever it is, we all have things in which we tend to t

Care Much?

Dear Friends, Why do you think it is that most Christians don't share the gospel? Is it because we’re afraid we may not have answers to the tough questions people can ask? Or is it because we’re not sure where to start the conversation? Or could it be that we’re afraid people will think we’re “fanatics”, or “offensive”? It’s probably a bit of each of those reasons, plus others that I haven’t listed. But I think underlying all of that is the fact that most of us just don’t care enough. I’ve been thinking about the subject of sharing the gospel a lot the past few days because of an article I read in which they cited a recent study by The Barna Group. In it, they found that only 1 in 20 Chri


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