Dear Friends, Well, Thanksgiving is over, and that means it's officially the Christmas season. Decorations are going up, and the Christmas music is playing. All that's left to do now is run through the gamut of events and activities leading up to that wonderful day when we celebrate our Savior's birth. Christmas can create an interesting conundrum for believers because we spend so much time insisting that it isn't about presents and gifts, when in reality, it is. And that’s because Christmas is about the gift of a Savior, and the gift of God's presence with us. Matthew 1:23 puts it like this, "The virgin will conceive a child. She will give birth to a son, and He will be called Emmanuel

Bring It

Dear Friends, When the alarm rang this morning, I wondered if I had the energy to turn it off. We’ve had a busy week, and a busy weekend is coming up - so getting out of bed was the last thing I wanted to do. That’s why I found myself standing in the shower saying to God, “I'm not sure what you’ve got planned for today, but don't expect much from me, cuz I don't have much to give.” That’s why I was a little disappointed when I pulled into the parking lot of our church and found one of the folks from our congregation waiting for me in the parking lot. He’s an older gentlemen who’s suffered some difficult set-backs over the past few months, and we’ve had several opportunities to talk and p

Up And Down And Up Again

Dear Friends, The past few weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster ride in our ministry. We’ve faced some big hills, and then had some wonderful rides down the other side, as God has helped us handle those challenges. But as we’ve gone through this up-and-down journey, I’ve noticed a pattern developing in my life, as I’ve found myself having moments of great worry that were then followed by moments of great calm as God provided. And then the cycle of worry-then-calm would start all over again as the next challenge presented itself. To be honest, I was feeling a bit worn out by the process, and frustrated that the sense of calm I was experiencing in-between the challenges wasn’t sticking

Voting And Other Acts of Love

Dear Friends, The closer we've gotten to Election Day, the more I've found myself praying. At first, I was praying for the process, and for the folks running, and for other civic-minded things. But for some reason, that left me feeling like I was missing something. And then last night, it occurred to me that what I needed to be praying for was me. Or to be more precise, I needed to be praying for my patience with others. This election cycle has been like no other I’ve experienced. And as we’ve gone through it, I’ve noticed that not only our nation, but our communities and families have struggled to stay civil through it all. But perhaps the most disappointing thing is how this lack of


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