Don't Forget What To Remember

Dear Friends, One of the realities of my life is that I regularly need to be reminded of things that I already know. This is a reality my wife, kids, friends, co-workers, and even the cashier at the grocery store can testify to - I regularly need to be reminded of stuff I already know. Unfortunately, this is also true in my walk with God. As I go through each day, it seems that God regularly has to remind me of things that I know about Him, and about how to live. And that's because sometimes I get so distracted by life and the immediacy of what's going on around me that I forget. So one of my daily prayers is, “Lord, help me not to forget what I should remember, and not to remember what

Learning By Doing

Dear Friends, I am someone who learns by doing. I discovered this about myself in high school when I was trying to master geometry. No matter how many times I listened to the teacher explain the Pythagorean Theorem, I never really understood it until I tried working the problems myself. That’s when the information I was hearing finally made sense to me. However, it wasn't until I was in my mid-30's that I realized that this same learning style applied to my spiritual life as well, as I came to realize that I understood what God's Word was telling me so much more when I actually tried to live it out. It's not that I wasn’t getting any benefit from reading the Bible, because I was. Instead

A Waste Of Breath

Dear Friends, This morning my Bible reading took me to Psalm 150:6, which says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” It’s a familiar passage for me, and even the text for one of my favorite worship songs. But this morning, the phrase got me thinking about all the different ways I use my breath. For example, the most obvious way is breathing. But it also occurred to me that I use my breath every time I open my mouth to speak - it’s my breath passing over my vocal chords that helps form the words that then come out of my mouth. It was a bit of a new take on the act of breathing for me. As I pondered this revelation, I realized that I waste my breath a lot. Here’s what I mean

Take Your Time

Dear Friends, I'm not sure if this ever happens to you, but I regularly have random pieces of scripture run through my head at the strangest times. For example, this morning, as I was savoring my first cup of coffee, the phrase “taste and see that the Lord is good” popped into my mind. I’m sure it’s because I was tasting that first delicious cup of coffee for the day, and my brain was making some sort of random connection. However, over the years as this has happened, I’ve learned to pay attention to these random pops of scripture because it has often turned out to be that God is actually using them to try direct my thoughts. So as I sipped my coffee this morning, I decided to ponder the

Share The Love

Dear Friends, Yesterday we had a group of college-aged volunteers come to the Harvest to do a service project. To be honest, I was not looking forward to it. It has been a full week, and we’re heading into a full weekend, and so not only am I tired, but I’m not anticipating much rest this weekend. So what I really wanted was a quiet day to get things done before I headed home to crash in front of the TV for the evening. But I knew that God had brought this group to be a help to The Harvest, and that there were opportunities to share the work He’s doing in West Tulsa. So I gritted my teeth and prepared for the day. The group arrived, and we began the day with a tour of The Harvest. As I

Better Than Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream

Dear Friends, Over the past few days, there has been a recurring theme in how people have been greeting me, and it almost always begins with the question, “Are you doing okay?”. When I respond that yes, I am in fact doing okay, the inevitable follow up statement goes something like, “Well I asked because you don't look so good.” And then, in order to better explain that statement, the final sentence in this greeting ritual is almost always something like, “You look tired/sick/worried/stressed/etc.” Nothing like friends to help build your confidence! But this morning, as I looked at myself in the mirror and was reflecting on the greetings I've been getting lately, I did notice that I do, i


Dear Friends, This morning while I was in the shower, I found myself pondering the well-known story of Jesus multiplying the fish and loaves to feed over 5,000 people (“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish.” John 6:9). The reason it was on my mind, is because I woke up thinking about all the needs we have in the ministry, and the limited resources to meet those needs. It’s a dynamic we’ve wrestled with since we started the ministry, and yet, time after time, God has multiplied the little that we have - giving us enough to do what we need to do in the moment. But that hasn’t stopped me from regularly worrying each time something new comes up. So as I pondered all

Stay On The Train!

Dear Friends, This past week I was at a conference in Los Angeles that was focused on developing effective internship programs for non-profit organizations. It was an interesting conference, and I appreciated learning more about how internships might help in our work at The Harvest. However, what I didn’t expect from the workshop was to be challenged in my own walk with the Lord! Here’s what happened - about halfway through the conference, one of the presenters said, “Staying power is a rare thing in a microwave society.” The instructor was talking about the challenge of helping young people stay committed to the internship process, but for me, it was a statement that hit me directly betw


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