Don't Make The Mistake

Dear Friends, Our church has recently partnered with the city in providing a job training program at our church. The program has only been up and going for a short time, and so earlier this week, a group of city officials stopped by to get a tour of our facilities, and to see the program “in action”. I was not the one giving the tour, but I happened to be in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee when the tour group passed through. After I was introduced to the group by the person leading the tour, one of the city officials said, “You must be very proud of the work that’s happening here.” My response was quick and to the point - “Yes, I really am!” It wasn’t until after they left that I rea

Keep It Simple

Dear Friends, Sometimes the most simple things can have the most profound effect. Such was the case for me recently as I was contemplating some big changes that are coming up for our church family. The “contemplating of the changes” was making me feel anxious about the future, because God is clearly moving our church in a new direction - we’re just not sure what that direction is. So there are lots of details we don’t know, and plans we can’t make, and assurances I can’t give to people. Thus the increasing sense of anxiety as I consider the future. This is where the simple things come in. As I was feeling my anxiety rise, I remembered a quote from Christian author C.S. Lewis that says:


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