The Choices We Make

Dear Friends, This morning on my drive to work I got stuck behind a driver that didn’t seem to know where he was headed. He drove slowly, and hesitated at every stop light - as if he was trying to decide which lane he needed to actually be in when the light turned green. Then at one of the last intersections before the highway, he chose a lane to stop in - only to discover it was a turn-only lane, and he wasn’t turning. So he had to sit at a green light, with cars honking behind him, until traffic cleared enough for him to move over into the correct lane. As I watched this guy struggle to decide where and how to drive, I couldn’t help reflecting on the fact that life is made up of a series o

Thus, The Mistake

Dear Friends, This morning on the drive to work I made a big mistake: I turned on the local news radio station. I say it was a mistake because, while I wanted to hear the weather and traffic report, what I got instead was an argument between two political pundits on the opposite side of pretty much every issue that has sides to it. And as I listened to them argue on and on, I felt myself getting more and more tense - which was not the way I wanted to start the day. Thus, the mistake. As I turned off the radio, I couldn't help but think about the condition of our world, and the fact that our current approach to political conversations can’t be how God wants us to live. Actually, politics


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