Chariots Of Fire

Dear Friends, On the way to work today, I passed an early-morning jogger in our neighborhood. As I drove by, my first thought was, “Wow, I wish I was that disciplined!” My second thought was, “Never mind, I’m good where I am.” My thought process kind of made me chuckle as I realized that, the older I get in life, the more comfortable I’m getting with where I am physically. When I was younger, I regularly tried to make myself exercise more. So I took up running, and then cycling, and then at one point I even tried weight lifting. However, the result was always the same: two or three weeks into it, I would give up because exercising was too much work. Unfortunately, this is a problem th

From Point A To Point B

Dear Friends, Buckle up, because I have big news. The Harvest Community Church is getting ready to move! Here’s the scoop: when The Harvest was started, the founding vision was to help meet the practical needs of people in a high poverty community, while personally connecting them with the God Who created them, and loves them. Over the past twelve years, we’ve had the privilege of carrying out that vision through ministries such as a neighborhood food bank, a free health clinic, after school programs, job training services, family counseling, short-term missions trips, youth programs, children’s ministry, Vacation Bible School, weekly bible studies, and Sunday morning worship services -


HOLY GROUNDS - is now available on Amazon!

It's a collection of devos like the ones you're reading here - so you're gonna love it!!

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