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Don't Achieve, Just Receive

Dear Friends,

Over the years, one of the things life has taught me is that we all seem to want peace. Whether it’s peace in the world, peace in our country, peace with our neighbors, peace with our families, or peace with ourselves - if we’re human, than it seems peace is something we want. And because we want it, more often than not, we’re also willing to fight for it. This fight can take all sorts of forms - from joining the military, to voting, to trying not to be offensive with our words and actions - but it’s all done with the same goal in mind: peace.

Unfortunately, the other thing I’ve learned is that true, authentic peace is not something that can be achieved - it can only be received. Jesus makes this clear in John 14:27, when He says: “I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.” In this passage, Jesus makes it clear that true peace can only come from a relationship with God.

So peace isn’t something that can be explained in a self help book or with a few simple steps - instead, it’s only something that can be received from God. And that’s because when our hearts and minds are at peace with Him, we no longer fear death, hunger, or having enough possessions. We know our treasure is in heaven, and we will one day be reunited there with the true Peace Maker. So that gives us a peace that can survive whatever circumstances the world throws at us.

As a follower of Jesus, that news should be very comforting! But it should also give us a great challenge, because it means we should be the people others look to when they need peace. Not because our circumstances are peaceful, but because our hearts and minds are at peace with God through the death of Christ on the cross - and so we can live lives that are full of peace.

So today, let’s receive the peace that only God can give. Let’s bring all the things in our lives that are causing us unrest, and let’s lay them at His feet - asking for His peace to rule in our hearts and minds. And then let’s live out this peace so that others will see what we have, and will be drawn to the true Peace Maker.



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