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Dear Friends,

This morning I have been contemplating the power of the gospel. It’s been on my mind because of some recent changes that have been happening in the life of one of the young women in our neighborhood. The transformation in her life has been astounding, and it’s all happened because she heard the gospel message, and responded.

In Romans 1:16, Paul writes, “It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes.” The word Paul uses for “power” in this passage comes from the Greek word “dunamis”, which is the same word Jesus uses in Acts 1:8 when He says: “But when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you will receive power (dunamis) and will tell people everywhere about Me.” This power isn’t a weak one, which is why the English word “dynamite” comes from this same Greek word. The gospel message comes with life-changing, sin-breaking, transformational power.

Often, I think we forget the raw power that the gospel message has to reach even the most hardened hearts - and as a result, we aren’t driven to share this amazingly good news. Or worse yet, we fall into the trap of thinking that we need to add to it, or gloss it over a bit, or dumb it down. But there’s a distinct power in the simple message of the life, words, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And history has shown us that we should not underestimate its appeal, or power. Instead, we need to simply light the fuse by proclaiming it - and then stand back and watch what God will do.

So today, join me in proclaiming the gospel to the world around us. Through our words, actions, and attitudes, let’s proclaim the good news that Christ is risen, death has been conquered, and there is hope for this world.



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