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Keep On Walkin

Dear Friends,

Three weeks ago my mother-in-law Nancy finished her battle with Alzheimers, and was promoted to glory. A few days later, family and friends came from around the country to celebrate her life and her home-going. It was a wonderful time of remembering this woman who meant so much to each of us, and of celebrating how her love for God shaped and molded each one of us who were gathered together.

It was an encouraging and uplifting time, and I found myself wondering what people will say about me after I leave this earth. As I pondered that thought. I was reminded of Enoch, one of my favorite characters in the Bible. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Enoch, his story is found in the Old Testament. He lived 365 years, during a very dark period in human history, which is an accomplishment in and of itself! But that's not what I admire most about Enoch. What really stands out to me is HOW he lived those 365 years.

Listen to how Enoch is described in Genesis 5:23-24, which tells us that, “Enoch lived 365 years, walking in close fellowship with God.” When you first read that “Enoch walked with God”, it might not seem very impressive because lots of folks have done that. As a matter of fact, a lot of you reading this devotional are doing that very same thing in your own lives. But Enoch's walk with God was not just a casual stroll. In the original Hebrew the word used for “walking” is “halak”, which was a word used to describe an intimate, close walk - one between two people who consider themselves companions on a journey. Actually, it was often used to describe a mentor walking with their student, showing them the correct way to go. So when we read Genesis 5:23-24 within the context of that definition, we see that Enoch was someone who walked where God walked, and looked at the world the way God looks at it. He was someone who lived a life that was totally reconciled to God.

It's in this example from Enoch that we find how we are to walk with God as well. Amos 3:3 puts it like this, “Can two people walk together without first agreeing on the direction?” The answer of course is, “no”. So to “walk with God” means we agree on the direction He's going, we follow His lead, and we live a life that's reconciled to His leading. That was how my mother-in-law Nancy lived her life, and her example is one that we can all follow.

So today, let's commit ourselves to walking with God. Let’s ask God to help us live fully surrendered to His direction, walking where He walks, and letting Him guide us on this path of life.




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