Swaddling Cloth And Such

Dear Friends, As is probably true with most married couples, my wife and I are very different. Our differences show up in all areas of life - from what sort of movies we like, to how we tell stories, to what we like on our pizza. One of the areas where this difference is obvious is gift wrapping. My wife goes to great lengths to wrap a gift, beginning by making sure the paper is appropriate for the occasion. From there, she moves on to make sure an attractive ribbon surrounds the gift. Finally, it's all topped off with tying a beautiful bow. In other words, she puts a lot of thought into it. I, on the other hand, put very little thought into wrapping the gifts I give. Actually, if yo

That Was The Plan

Dear Friends, This morning I ran an errand to the local pharmacy. When I got up to the counter, I had to wait for the clerk to process my request, so I took the opportunity to ask how her day was going. She replied, “Busy.” I responded by saying I wasn't surprised, as it's Christmastime, and so lots of folks are out and about. She gave me a small smile, and said, “Yes, things have changed a lot since I was young!” If I had to guess, I would say she was probably in her early 60's, which means that her growing up years would have been similar to mine. So I told her I could relate, and then asked her what in particular she missed about those days. She said, “Oh lots of things, but mostly


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Daniel May - husband, father, pastor, grocer, Packers fan, and above-mentioned recovering sinner.

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