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Give It Up

Dear Friends,

One of the realities of life is that we all surrender to something, or someone. It’s a truth I’ve been reminded of recently, as there are several big obstacles we’re facing in life right now, and God is calling me to trust Him for those things. As I’ve struggled to do that, God keeps reminding me that I need to give up my desire to control and plan and “make happen” - and instead, submit to His plans, and His timing, and His provision.

As I’ve wrestled with that, I’ve been reminded that we all end up surrendering to someone or something - so it might as well be Him. Here’s what I mean - as we go through life, we regularly submit to things that come our way. It can be popular opinion, or a desire for more money, or to resentment, or fear, or our own pride, lust or ego. Those are all things we can easily surrender to. And that’s because we were designed to worship something - and if we’re not worshiping God, then we’ll worship something else.

But while we’re free to choose who and what we surrender to, we're not free from the consequences of those choices. That’s why James 4:7 says, “Give yourselves completely to God”. The truth we cannot get around is that surrendering to God isn’t just a good way to live - it’s the only way to live, because nothing else works. All other approaches will lead to frustration, disappointment, and self-destruction.

So today, let’s give it all to God. Let’s take our current problems, and our future desires, and lay them at His feet. Let’s surrender our worries, and fears, and concerns to God’s promises, and plans and purposes - knowing that, when He’s fully in control, nothing can ever be out of control.



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